Gateway to the Rockies

Sweetwater Crossing has gone into an inactive status due to lack of interest by players and staff. There are still some folks RPing and you're welcome to join us, but it is more of a sandbox than an active game.

The year is 1868. The War Between the States is over, but the scars still remain. The Homestead Act and the ongoing construction of the trans-continental railroad have brought a new wave of settlers to the west. Situated on the old Oregon-California Trail in Nebraska Territory, the town of Sweetwater Crossing is the last stop before the Rockies, a popular trading post. The town has seen its share of troubles in recent years, including a bitter feud and a fire that burned much of the town. Now, rising from the ashes, the denizens of Sweetwater Crossing wonder what challenges may lie ahead.

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Friendly Indians Watching a Wagon Train, by Oscar E Berninghaus — from First People

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